Baleen Filters

Gravity screen cuts at 25 microns!

Fine aperture screening in mineral
processing applications often poses a major challenge to the Process Engineer,
particularly in cut size ranges below 400 microns. Baleen Filters Pty Limited
has developed a multi-award winning micro-screening unit capable of size
classification down to 25 microns without the aid of flocculation or chemical

The micro-screening unit, known as the Baleen Filter, derives its name from the
species of filter feeding whales which have a unique whalebone to collect krill
and other marine organisms during feeding. A sweeping tongue action creates a
reverse water pulse which releases the collected feed matter for ingestion. An
engineered adaptation of this natural technique used by the Baleen whale has
resulted in commercialization of a highly efficient filtration system which
requires no vibration, no vacuum, and no
across the screen medium.

The potential benefits of the Baleen for recovery of
+75 micron fine coal from wash plant tailings streams were so encouraging that
funding was awarded, in 2010 under the Australian Coal Association Research
Program for an extensive series of trial campaigns on four separate mine sites.
The outcome of these trials, as well as subsequent trials, indicate that the
Baleen can effectively improve overall plant yield as well as reduce the volume
of solids entering the tailings dam.

The Process Engineer’s dilemma of how to effectively
achieve a cut point of between 20 micron and 400 micron in dilute slurries may
well be something of the past. For such applications the Baleen should be given
serious consideration.

Demo Baleen units are available for hire to facilitate
in-plant trials.